March 22nd, 2009

Racefail Bingo Card Transcript

So apparently I never posted a transcript for the Racefail '09 bingo card, which was, well, kinda shitty. So I figure, better abominably late than never, right? For posterity:

B: Bad discussion:

-Flamewar! Catfight! Shitflinging! Trolls! Orcs! Sockpuppets!

-There's equally bad behavior on both sides. (I'm neutral.)

-We need a mature discussion of race... on my site/at a con/later.

-Low signal-to-noise ratio/lots of heat, little light.

-Too long/complex/multithreaded/unmoderated; didn't read.

I: I'm not racist:

-My essential non-racist self is untainted by the racism around me.

-I'm female/gay/poor/working-class/Wiccan/a Jew/atheist/...

-I'm one-sixteenth Cherokee!/I have friends/relatives who are POC.

-I don't see race. (It wouldn't matter if you didn't keep bringing it up.)

-I marched in a civil rights parade/dated a POC/took a class once...

N: Not racist:

-It's classism, not racism.

-It's just that POC are that way, for whatever reason (not racism).

-The important thing is that no one gets called racist. (Call it "privilegism.")

-Fantastic/archaic tropes/terminology can't be racially problematic!

-Calling this "racism" hurts the cause; it diminishes actual racism.

G: Get over it:

-Why are you all soo mean?!/You're harshing my squee!

-Can you all just shut up about it now?

-It's just SF/fantasy/television/a kid's show.

-It's about another world/mythology/time without racism, so the author can't be racist!

-Geez, Bear was just trying to accept a critique, and you people all attacked her!

O: O is for other:

-Witchhunt! Lynching! Boycott! Star chamber! McCarthyism! Loyalty oaths!

-Talking about racism and race is "bad tone"/racist/impolite.

-If only you didn't do A, B, and C, and instead did X, Y, and Z, I'd listen to you.

-Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

-You're just looking for things to be offended by./Race-baiting!

The card itself is here.

Also, the date on this post is totally a lie, changed so as not to clog up reading pages with old material. This was in fact posted on 22 November 2009, not 22 March 2009. ;-)