July 28th, 2012

This needs to exist.

I was going to make some hyperbolic statement like "I would give my firstborn child for this", but then I didn't want to upset any children I may have in the future (assuming I haven't given them away already in exchange for things), and, really, I'm actually posting, which should tell you how serious I am that this needs to exist.

Crossover. (Long.) Some flavor of Fullmetal Alchemist (preferably, Brotherhood, but I'm not picky). Obviously a "the boys end up in ANOTHER WORLD" fic. With... wait for it... Doctrine of Labyrinths.

Edward! Felix! Alphonse! Mildmay! Completely differing philosophies on brotherhood! Strangely similar philosophies on brotherhood! Academic sniping between Edward and Felix! Maybe even a plot somewhere or something like that, I don't know.

Look, universe, you haven't actually produced a Mirrorverse for every single fandom I've ever read (Chronicles of Narnia? FMA? The Vorkosigan books? Still waiting on those, thanks!), you denied me my long-and-good "John Connor gets a Hogwarts letter" and "the Connors settle down in Sunnydale" stories, you have almost entirely failed at providing any other Buffyverse character other than Xander with mutant powers... time and time again I have forgiven you your deficiencies.

But this. This needs to happen.