Gwen (dysprositos) wrote,

First post!

So. This journal is here so I can comment as an actual, y'know, person, with an actual name and history aside from "Gwen, who has no LiveJournal" (not terribly memorable). It will also, hopefully, keep me from sliding back into my usual lurkerish habits, and serve as the outlet my blog was originally supposed to be before my mother linked it and publicized it to my whole family. (Because I don't really want my whole family, which doesn't even know I'm atheist, to read My Thoughts on Yaoi. I agonized enough about publishing a mini-essay on Snape on that blog.)

I'm not going to go ahead and do the whole introductory-post thing, because that seems like it'll jinx the whole enterprise and this will end up like all those diaries I have with the first entry complete and a series of three or four "sorry I haven't written in like a year" entries after, but if I write in this half as much as I intend to you should be able to figure out who I am based on that. (I may even get around to making all those icons I'm planning on using! And friending the people and communities I read regularly!)

Anyway, things you should know that aren't actual introductory-post things: I was a regular lurker and occasional poster on Making Light before the GCADoD/RaceFail '09 (which discussion on pseudonymity was the impetus for creating this journal), used to be really into HP fandom (the Snape side of things, and post-CC and MsScribe and such anyway), and I currently consider myself a (no-longer-lurking-only!) part of LJ Western media fandom, with a bad habit of getting all my fixes for particular shows from fanworks rather than from the shows. (To the point that when I watched my, like, third episode of SGA ever, several years after watching my first two, it took me about an hour to figure out that the reason Rodney's voice sounded "wrong" was because I'd apparently decided that lim's vid My Brilliant Idea actually has Rodney narrating. *facepalm*)

Let's do this thing.
Tags: personal, rambling

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